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[Rebekah] went to ask the LORD about it. “Why is this happening to me?” she asked. And the LORD told her. GENESIS 25:22-23

God may speak to us through dreams, visions, and other spiritual experiences. But often, His whispers in our hearts are the most difficult to discern. Our human nature can cause us to hear God’s voice as a yell when it is actually a whisper.

It can be easy to miss God’s still small voice when we are caught up with the cares of this world. So how do we make sure that we know God’s true intent for our lives? Here’s one way: Inject more silence into your life and make space for God to reach you.

To ask questions is to seek answers, and to seek answers is the only way we can truly learn. So...if we want to hear God, we need to ask Him questions.

Most of us do that indirectly  —sometimes tentatively, hoping for guidance and direction, and sometimes with hints of complaint, wondering why He isn’t doing what we want Him to do. But asking God-specific questions with the expectation that He will respond to us is an act of faith.

We can ask Him what His desires are, how He sees us, how He sees others, how He feels about this situation or that problem, how He wants our relationship to develop, how He wants us to see things differently, what He wants to teach us, and much, much more.

These questions may include guidance and specific requests, but they go well beyond those concerns and delve into the heart of the relationship. And God invites us into that kind of conversation. He wants to be known.

Questions that open our hearts for Him to share Himself are always welcome.

When we begin to hear the whisper of the Lord and obey, it doesn’t take you long to see things and know things that you didn’t see before.

Lord, what is on Your heart today? What do You want to teach me? My eyes and ears are open  —please share Your heart with me.

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