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The LORD said to me, “Write my answer plainly on tablets.” HABAKKUK 2:2

God has told us about things that we need to know for clarity and permanence. The things God has said are important enough to write down so we will never forget them, even from future generations.

Write it down. That’s what God told Habakkuk, Isaiah, Moses, and John when He spoke to them. His words were important enough not to be forgotten or unintentionally edited when told to others. He wanted them inscribed for the sake of clarity and permanence. Many people, even from future generations, would be able to read what He had said.

That’s good advice. Recording what God has told us will help us remember it and share it with others. Unlike the biblical prophets, we aren’t writing words that will become Scripture, but it’s helpful to keep track of what God has said over time. When we look back at this journal, we can determine whether we are following the instructions He gave us and remembering the lessons He taught us. Casual hearers don’t record what they have heard, and a week later they may not even remember it. Attentive hearers, therefore, are diligent about following God’s words and applying them. Just as a couple may keep old love letters or chronicle their love in a diary, we celebrate our relationship with God when we preserve what He has said.

We’re here to help you live the life God wants you to live by teaching and inspiring you with stories of how people are doing great things in their lives, businesses, and ministries. We’ll be transparent with you as we share what we go through so that our failures and wins can hopefully be a help in times of need. Listeners, keep up with us every week as we cover what it means to walk with Jesus and venture out to go do something great for His Kingdom. So, shall we start talking about awesome stuff?

Lord, journaling may never have been my forte, but Your words are too valuable for me to forget them. Help me to write them down accurately, and remind me to review them frequently. Teach me to treasure Your voice.

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