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When I tried to understand all this, it troubled me deeply till I entered the sanctuary of God; then I understood their final destiny. Psalm 73:16-17

Asaph was a man of deep faith. He had been chosen by God to lead the singing at the temple. He was very close to God and enjoyed a more intimate relationship with his maker than most people ever have. Yet, even as he served with such humility and devotion, he asked some not-so-simple questions. It’s often the case that those who are closest in relationship to God also suffer the most from being unable to see the big picture. They see injustice, suffering, chaos and sometimes they just give up.

Asaph had it all. Job-like trials, God’s patience, a beautiful family, and an esteemed position at the temple. But he still wasn’t satisfied. Why was there evil in the world!?! There is a wicked man who has everything going his way, but he has no love for God! How can that be?

Worship prepares the heart to hear God’s voice and to see things from His perspective. It changes our perceptions, our thoughts, and even our desires. Worship birthed the idea for the MyR2B podcast.

When our ultimate goal is in knowing God and not in getting what we think we need, it seems that all the barriers to hearing God’s voice will be broken. The closer a believer comes to God and the deeper his relationship with him, the more intelligible and powerful the voice of God becomes.

Do you want to hear God? Be willing to be silent. Instead of concentrating on what He is saying, concentrate on His presence alone. Don’t be satisfied until you can always feel His embrace.

Lord, it’s more important to me to know You than to get information from You. Help me to love You completely.

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