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[John], leaning back against Jesus, said to him, “Lord, who is it?” Jesus answered, “It is he to whom I will give this morsel of bread when I have dipped it.” JOHN 13:25-26, ESV

We can assume God doesn’t need to be surrounded with good listeners, as if He would want to get something off His chest or seek counsel. This assumption would be wrong though. God created us for relationship — deep, personal interaction — and though He doesn’t need our counsel, He seeks our interest.

Have you ever tried to talk with your friends about their relationship with God? I’m not talking about in a “get right with God, buddy” kinda way. I’m talking about getting to know their Savior and trying to understand where He fits into their lives.

In the Psalms, we see a way to approach God that is more natural. In addition to His words of praise, we see that David would "whisper" before the Lord. Whispering takes more time and effort because it invokes more feeling, so you tend to be more careful about what you say. Whispering allows for a deep engagement as you allow yourself to get lost in the moment. You lose yourself in the other person, not trying to get something from them but just rejoice in being with them. Conversing is different from whispering; a whisper requires that we suspend our agenda, focus on another person, listen well, and discover when it’s our turn to speak...

Jesus had a close friend. A man he could talk to. A Friend who had the ability to read his heart and tell him anything he wanted.

There’s a reason why John was the only disciple of Jesus who wrote down the words he whispered in his ear on the night before He died. John had built a relationship with the Messiah! And no, you don’t need to become His friend to tap into this same power. Just like John, you can squeeze just one secret out of Him every single day for a lifetime.

Just as we feel connected to Jesus, God wants us to connect with people, especially those who are hurting. When we relate to others on a personal level as friends who are interested in what’s on their hearts, we share the love of Christ in powerful ways.

Start listening to Jesus right now, and discover the power of His whisper.

Jesus, what’s on Your heart today? I really want to know. Please share it with me.

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