For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. REVELATION 19:10, NKJV

We may have a hard time discerning some voices in our lives, but there’s one we can always know is God’s: a testimony of what Jesus has done. The enemy isn’t interested in highlighting Christ’s works, though he may try to distort them at times. And our human nature would rather give credit to ourselves. But when we hear a testimony of Jesus, we know God is speaking. There is power in the declaration of what Jesus has done, and it’s a power that isn’t directed only at commemorating the event. The goal is for the work to be reenacted or reapplied to our lives.

The testimony of Jesus is a prophetic message. The voice isn’t only saying, “Look at what I did!” He’s also saying, “I want to do this again!” The message is an invitation to believe in His power, His compassion, and His desire to miraculously intervene. Spiritual passivity may cause us to think, “I wish He would do that in my life,” but His invitation is greater than that. The response He encourages is, “I believe You will do this in my life.” When we hear a testimony of Christ’s restoration, we can have faith that He wants to restore something for us. When we hear a testimony of healing or provision, we can have faith that He wants to heal or provide. The testimony stirs up our faith, and it expresses His desire. When we hear what Jesus has done, we hear His longing to do more.

The testimony of Jesus, whether coming out of your mouth or someone else’s, is never just a memorial. It’s a living word. When you embrace it as such, it will be accompanied by God’s power in your life and the lives of others. His works will come alive in a new way. And His voice and His presence will become self-evident.

Jesus, help me to recognize the Holy Spirit in testimonies of Your work. Stir up my faith to accept Your testimonies as my invitations. Let me receive Your power and love every time I hear of what You have done.

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