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His Spirit searches out everything and shows us God’s deep secrets. 1 CORINTHIANS 2:10

God knows all things. As the Creator of the universe, He knows even the deepest mysteries it contains. He knows every “why” and “how” of existence, the answers to all those questions that nag us about our purpose and destiny.

His Spirit knows every motive of the Father’s heart and every nuance of His relationship with us. He is a guardian of deep secrets, a weaver of intricate patterns, and an intercessor of unsurpassed love. Nothing escapes his notice and nothing occurs without his knowledge; he holds our very lives in his hands.

That is because there are still depths of the gospel that have not yet been revealed. There are plans, purposes, and dynamics of relationships that we have not yet perceived.

What we do know, who we are in Christ, matters much more than all the mysteries surrounding us. Once you have “the secret of Christ” ( Colossians 2:2 ) and have engaged with the Holy Spirit (who reveals the fullness of Christ), you can be confident that all of your deep questions and desires will be answered in God’s time.

There are still many secrets hidden in God, even about the future.

The Spirit of God is ready to reveal His secrets to you. He’s ready to open your eyes to the deep truths about who He is and what He has done, who you are and how to live as His child, and how the world works and who you are meant to be in it. It may sound like a lot, but if you spend time talking with Him, if you get down on your knees with your Bible, He will tell you what He wants for your life. And the awesome thing is that all this will happen when you are listening when you are paying attention. God’s secret whisper has been growing louder for all of us over the last few months, and now is the time for it to become real inside of us!

The heavens are not a closed book. God is waiting to reveal His deep secrets to those whose hearts are willing to receive them and obey. The next question you need to ask yourself...Are You Willing?

Holy Spirit, work Your secrets into my heart. Every day, show me more of You.

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