Welcome to My Reasons To Believe Ministries!! (MyR2B)


This podcast is very unique in that it is personal, spot on, clarifies questions, admonishes when needed, and always encouraging. It is short, to the point, and always timely. I have enjoyed it immensely and learned much from it. THANK YOU Matthew and Michelle for taking your own time to promote our Lord Jesus.

I Never Start a Day Without It!

Rock Solid

Lots of incredible information.

I hear God speak directly to me

Matthew Adams is a superb orator and brings God’s voice into my ears and into my heart. His messages are beautiful illuminations of Gods word. Since following this ministry for over six months with great blessings, it is a wonderful experience hearing God speaking directly to me. As a long time fan of the YouVersion Bible App, this gives me a more personal connection to God’s Word enhancing my daily Bible studies.