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I also pray that you will understand the incredible greatness of God’s power for us who believe in him. EPHESIANS 1:19

God whispers. I know that doesn’t sound like the creative caricature of a deity who parted seas and parted the skies. And this isn’t just another poetic reference to audibility — though God does speak audibly.

It is a creative way of describing His initiative in communicating with us. When we listen for God’s voice, we generally listen to Him with limited expectations. We don’t mean to; we just don’t know how to open ourselves to anything and everything.

We need context, so we create one. But it’s often a narrower context than it ought to be. Like a radio receiver tuned to one station, we rule out all other signals. We place limits on what we think we might hear. And if God speaks outside of those limits, we may miss His message.

It’s interesting how much we limit ourselves in so many ways. It’s one thing to see that happening in other people, and quite another to notice it in oneself. Anyone else have that problem?

That’s where I have some trouble — seeing my own shortcomings more clearly than those in others. But one of the things I struggle with most is the ability to really listen to God when He speaks. Now don’t get me wrong, I feel like I’ve gotten better about acknowledging His presence and speaking truth into my life. However, there are still times that I can be pretty focused on what I want/need from Him rather than listen for His voice.

Actual, authentic Christianity is more than attending church, reading your Bible, saying "yes" to God, and thinking you're set for life. The biblical requirements for our lives are like a greenhouse. Our words need to be watered by His power so that they can grow into a harvestable amount of fruit.

When we are convinced of the true power of God's Word, we will see that it does the impossible. We will learn how to not just pray, but pray with boldness. We will listen for God and look forward to miracles. And, we will expect the unexpected...

Imagine what we could do for God if our “ears” were tuned to catch even 5 percent of the things He says. If we took just a few hours each week to slow down, to listen for Him, I think we would be shocked by the growth and fruitfulness that would begin to take place in our lives.

God, help me to understand the incredible greatness of Your power  —not just in theory but in every way it applies to my life. I want to walk in Your strength. I want my heart to be big enough for Your purposes. Please let me hear all You want to say.

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