If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. JAMES 1:5

The Bible tells us that God is ready and eager to give us wisdom for our lives. There are no hints and tricks, secret handshakes, or special formulas for getting God’s attention and having Him speak to you. Just ask! In fact, Jesus said that His disciples would be able to know what He was teaching by asking the Father in His Name (John 16:27). Do you want to learn divine guidance? There are many things that can close our minds off to the Lord, but one of the major culprits is our comfort level.

Many Christians approach God with the assumption that it will be difficult to hear Him and that only the superspiritual are close enough to God to know His thoughts. Scripture tells us just the opposite: If we need wisdom, we’re to ask for it. That’s it. No hoops to jump through, no requirement of long hours of monastic solitude and self-discipline, no prerequisite of a master’s degree in biblical interpretation. Just ask and receive.

God has made it possible for us to comprehend the influence of His voice in our lives. His heart can be implanted inside ours, so that we can learn to do good and come to understand what is right.

Many of us don’t think it’s possible, and that’s OK. God knows you don’t have to have a PhD in the spiritual life to learn to hear His voice. We can all start right where we are. It’s sheer grace when we can know the heartbeat of God for our lives.

You and I both know what disappointment feels like when that ever-so-strong inner voice of wisdom seems to fall quiet. We are master at second-guessing the voice of wisdom. In some ways, we are overly fastidious, asking far more questions than we need to. Is this from God or just us?

Are these our desires or His will? Are those thoughts from His Spirit or from our psychological makeup, past issues, or emotional biases? Am I being deceived? But mind you, God has the capability to guide us better than we can be deceived. If we're not willfully fooling ourselves —if we're trying to be faithful with humble hearts—He will make it clear. We can depend on the Holy Spirit within us, the desires He births in our hearts, and the thoughts He gives us.

There is nothing wrong with questioning the voice of God, after all, He has a soft whisper and not a booming voice. He wants us to ask Him anything.

Listen to God’s whisper and not your doubts. The power of the Holy Spirit is always accessible.

Lord, I know You speak to me, but I question which voice is Yours. Please help me to trust You and follow with an open heart. Give me Your wisdom as You promised.

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