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I pray that your hearts will be flooded with light so that you can understand the confident hope he has given to those he called. EPHESIANS 1:18

By nature, our hearts are darkened with discouragement and despair. Some people may be cheerier than others, but most go through some phase in which they ask whether life has any meaning, and many never arrive at a satisfying answer. We may hope for the best, but we frequently fear the worst. We search for purpose and fulfillment, often in desperate ways, filling ourselves with all kinds of substitutes for true joy. Anxieties about big, eternal questions nag at our souls, and unless we’re careful, cruelly leave us in the dark.

But God doesn’t leave us in the dark. He has sent His Spirit to shine into every corner of our souls and give us understanding about Him. He enlightens us in every way, even when we are carrying heavy burdens or going through painful times. If He turns on His light within us, the nagging questions and darkened thoughts dissipate. He doesn’t do battle with the darkness; He simply shines. And when He shines inside us, we can see clearly.

In God’s Kingdom, clear vision always gives hope. God is always optimistic, always heading somewhere good, always intent on working out the best for those who love Him. That’s why despair in the life of a Christian is always a misperception. It isn’t based in the reality of a God who shines. Our hope  —confident, unwavering expectation of His goodness  —can flourish when He floods our hearts with light.

Pray daily that God would shine into every corner of your life. Refuse to live in discouragement. Know that His voice will always inspire hope because it is always based in reality. And the reality is that He is building something beautiful in you.

Father of light, I need You to shine in me. I need to hear Your encouragement. Let my heart be flooded with Your brightness, and lift me higher to live in confident, life-giving hope.

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