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Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. Psalm 119:105

We have all experienced this phenomenon at one time or another. God's Word often speaks personally to us, as if we were the only one in the world whom He is speaking to.

It will speak to us through a verse, a phrase or even a single word that appears very plainly and simply on the page yet has incredible power to speak into our lives with great clarity.

Sometimes it can seem like an audible voice that calls us by name so clearly that it catches our ear and demands our attention.

All of Scripture speaks to us, of course, but sometimes God has specific guidance or encouragement for a particular situation or season. When we read or listen with an open spirit—a heart that is ready to hear—He will magnify portions of His written Word and apply them directly to our lives.

What if God were to speak to you?

What if He could speak directly to your heart, even as He did to the prophets and apostles in the past? The Scriptures refer to this direct speaking as God's whisper, for it isn't a voice so loud that we can hear it around others, but it is clear enough (like how a spouse will sometimes use a low voice) for us to know that it's our Father's voice. When we read His Word with an open spirit, the Holy Spirit can magnify and apply specific Bible verses to our lives.

There are many who ask the question: "Can we hear God's voice on a regular basis?" I have heard this question in lectures, read it in books, and seen it in blogs. It appears to be a common question among Christians as to whether or not they can "hear God". The answer is Yes and No. We cannot hear His voice audibly without special revelation, but we can hear Him speaking where He has already spoken—Scripture.

With me...for example...He will take away my breathe...and though I may not "HEAR" the voice...I understand what the voice is saying.

God speaks to us, and Jesus says that God is speaking still, in the only way He can (John 6:63). Sometimes we miss it and need to search for it. Sometimes we get distracted by the other voices competing for our attention. But keeping a Bible open on our desks or listening with audio Bibles on our phones is just the first step of our quest to hear his voice today. To have His word abiding in us, we must hear it with all the faculties of which we are made. Jesus says to be still, that there may be space for Him to speak (John 14:23,15:4).

Father, speak to me. Speak directly to my circumstances and give me direct instructions for my next step. Show me things—more specifically—that I may not be able to see for myself.

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