You know my thoughts even when I’m far away. PSALM 139:2

She was in an intense battle with depression after a series of personal and professional setbacks. Nothing seemed to be working out for her, even though she was faithfully following God. In trying to encourage her, her brother reminded her of scriptural promises and stories of biblical characters who persevered through the worst of times. That helped, but it came across as general wisdom that could have applied to anyone, anywhere. So her brother asked several of his friends, none of whom knew his sister, to listen for God’s voice on her behalf. He told them no details and explained no issues. He didn’t even tell them that the person was his sister or that she was going through a hard time. He simply gave them a first name and asked them, independent of one another, to listen to God.

The friends prayed, sensed what the Spirit was saying, and wrote out what they had heard. None heard exactly the same thing, but there was a common theme throughout: “God sees what you are going through, and He wants to encourage you that this season will end. You are an overcomer, and as you grow stronger, your trials will grow weaker. Nothing that has happened will harm you. He has measured your difficulties carefully, and a day is coming when you will dance on top of them rather than struggle beneath them. You will not be overwhelmed.”

Those words are all biblical truths, and they could apply to anyone. But since they had come from people who did not know her situation  —who could have given her random messages about career direction or ministry callings or anything else she was not struggling with at the time  —she knew the words had come from God’s heart. When we learn to listen to God on behalf of others, He speaks powerful, personalized words directly into their circumstances.

Holy Spirit, inspire in me the words You want to speak to others. Use me as a mouthpiece, an ambassador of encouragement through whom You can touch people’s hearts in their moments of need.

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