You must worship no other gods, for the LORD, whose very name is Jealous, is a God who is jealous about his relationship with you. EXODUS 34:14


“Jealousy is a painful emotion, and you may be surprised that I feel it. But I do. I have told My people repeatedly that I am jealous for their love. I even spoke through the prophets, saying that I burn with jealousy for My people. How could I not? I’ve told you that I am love; I have a love for you that is beyond your comprehension, a love that can’t be quenched. This explains all My other emotions: My anger (at anything that interferes with or distracts from My love), My joy (which celebrates those whom I love), My grief (which laments those who don’t receive My love or who miss its blessings), My hatred (which opposes everything that attempts to thwart My love), and yes, My jealousy (which is an expression of My desire for the exclusive affection of your heart). When I speak to you, you will hear My emotions for you in My words. They will come from a heart that wants your love.

“You need to know how I feel about you. You need to understand this jealous love I hold in My heart for you. If you don’t, you will receive My words of correction as a rebuke rather than as an invitation to come closer. You will receive My words of anger as a statement against you personally rather than as a statement against the things in your life that interfere with our relationship. You will think I’m driving you away when I’m actually removing from your life all that hinders and hurts you. My words need to come to you through true perceptions. You need to cling to the fact that everything I say to you comes from a heart of deep, intense love. Then you will hear without being offended or hurt. And you will see how everything I say draws you closer to Me.”

Lord, soften my heart to hear the love and jealousy behind Your words. Everything You say to me is for my good. Help me to receive Your words as an expression of limitless love.

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