Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me. LUKE 9:23

Let me lead you on a great adventure...

I will never forget the day that you gave your life to Me and trusted Me to forgive all of your rebellion and indifference so that you could become a child of mine! All of the heavenly creatures celebrated at that moment.

You surrendered all of your dreams, all of your plans, all of your possessions and asked Me to lead you on an extraordinary journey. I want you to remember that moment and that decision...because it will be tested every day. You will have to answer every day: "Do you still want Me to lead your life on this great adventure?"

When your life is fully surrendered to will have peace, confidence, and even excitement around what I will do next. you will find yourself being optimistic, less angry, and less fearful.

But I don't want you to ever feel there is something fundamentally wrong with you because you struggle with giving Me your dreams; your plans, your goals, and letting Me lead. It is a battle for every child of Mine. But do nothing and you will run the show instead of Me.

Until you get to will be essential to re-commit to My leadership every day, and I promise to help you overcome your natural desire to control your life and live it without Me.

Remember...I love fresh starts and I am always eager to give them. I am more realistic than you are!

Also...remember this; it is about progress...not perfection.

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