Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you. I have called you by name; you are mine. ISAIAH 43:1

“No matter how often I tell you not to be afraid, you approach crisis moments of life in fear. That’s natural; I understand. But I want you to grow beyond that. I want your heart to trust in Me so easily that your first reaction in a troubling situation is not to wonder if I’m going to work it out, but to look to see how I will. Your spiritual reflex needs to bring you to a place of rest, not of worry. I have never let go of you, and I never will.

“Do you understand why? I’ve invested a lot in this relationship. I’ve ransomed you at no small cost to Myself. It was painful to do so, but I willingly accepted that pain. I have called you by name, completely aware from the beginning of who you were, are, and will be. I saw the end of your story before it even began, and I chose you in that light. I did not begin a relationship with you only to be disappointed. I did not cultivate your love only to give up on it later. I did not lead you down this path without knowing where it’s headed. That’s why I can tell you not to be afraid. I know the end. It’s going to work out well for you, no matter how things appear right now.

“When I calm your nerves and remind you that I’m with you, you have a choice. You can remain stressed and worried, or you can believe Me and relax. These are your options. Far too many people choose to continue in worry and stress, but they are wasting their energy. They have forgotten the nature of our relationship. You, however, must remember that I don’t speak empty words. When I say, ‘Do not be afraid,’ it’s because I know you have nothing to fear.”

Lord, stress is a natural instinct for me, but I want my heart to intuitively rest in You. Fill me with trust in You and peace in Your purposes at the sound of Your voice.

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