All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 2 TIMOTHY 3:16

We serve a God who is vocal. He has a lot to say and we can seek His voice in many different ways. But the Bible is unique among all of those ways because it is the ONLY authoritative source of doctrine and expression of His overall will.

Have you ever wondered what God whispers in your ear? I have. It seems to me that, as with everything else, He wants us to believe Him, trust Him and rely on His lead. Yet so often we don’t. We find our own ways to deal with challenges instead of seeking the Lord’s counsel. We play it safe—but by doing so may sacrifice all kinds of blessings He has just waiting to be released upon our life  —often in the form of a whisper from His lips.

Have you ever considered how much of God’s voice we don’t hear? Really, think about it. We can read all day long, constantly searching for the words He’s spoken. But even at that, we only get a glimpse of the voice of God.

God whispers to us all the time but we can’t hear Him unless we humbly ask...are You there God?

We need Him to help us hear. That’s why we can pray for wisdom from the Lord every time we open the Bible. As we’re reading, we ask Him to help us hear His voice so that we can accurately understand what He’s saying. The Bible isn’t like any other book; it requires a special approach because God is speaking to us through its pages. And when He does...He may whisper. As His children we must kearn how to listen to hear His voice.

Lord, give me understanding. Enliven Your Word and let it sink deeply into my heart.

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