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Only those who are spiritual can understand what the Spirit means. 1 CORINTHIANS 2:14

As adults, we have forgotten that most of the information that we need to know and experience is already within us. We believe that we must go out and find this knowledge through many different channels. I say trust God to whisper it to you! You probably are unaware of what you’re missing.

Then we try to grasp some truth or knowledge only to find that it’s no simple task. It takes time, effort, and much patience to truly absorb something meaningful. But is it the same with God? Since He is God and we are finite, we believe that He imparts His intellect in ways outside of our understanding.

And so God speaks. This can be a whisper; it can be a gentle nudge, but it cannot be ignored. It seems when we are most captivated—emotionally, spiritually, physically—by truth or reality, God seems to have the ability to manifest Himself in powerful ways.

Naturally then, you could ask yourself if the way in which you learn about something has an effect on how well you retain its meaning.

God’s whisper is a strong source of knowledge. It isn’t given to us through a book and it didn’t come from an academic journal. The whisper is loud enough for us to hear it, but not loud enough for others to pick up on it. I think the purpose of the whisper is that we can share our thoughts with God and ask him for advice. It's a point where God gets to know us and we get to know Him.

“But,” you may say, “I have prayed and I have asked the Lord for revelation, yet He seems to be silent.” Maybe you should back up a step and ask again, or maybe your motives were not pure. The Doctrine and Covenants says that if we seek understanding “with a sincere heart” we will get it.

Look at the issue you are wrestling with, and see what you can do to be a little less defensive, a little less controlling, and a little more open to the truth. If we are willing to put our will in Christ’s hands and follow His counsel, we can know through revelation. We just need to ask.

It is imperative that we depend on God’s whisper rather than focus on what we think we know. This isn’t to say that study and research aren’t helpful, but everything we learn has to be viewed through the lens of the Spirit. God’s Word is powerful and provides us with guidance, but if we do not live in close communion with Him every day, we will not hear His gentle whisper guiding us as it should.

Lord, I want to be one who is spiritual  —to understand the things of Your Spirit, all that You choose to reveal. Please teach me how.

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