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If only I knew where to find God, I would go to his court. I would lay out my case and present my arguments. Then I would listen to his reply and understand what he says to me. JOB 23:3-5

Even though God loves to speak to his people and loves communicating with them, he sometimes maintains lengthy silences and lets us search for him.

That can be an uncomfortable process, especially during the painful seasons of life, but it has profound effects.  Somehow in the search, his distance draws us closer.     In those times when God’s voice is silent and he maintains a distance on purpose, people may give up and lose the benefit of this silence, but those who keep pressing in will reap rewards for their persistence.

They will learn to depend on God when they cannot hear him, cannot see him, or cannot sense him in any way at all.  Their hearts will continue to respond to his most recent words that echo in their souls, forcing their hearts to choose between faith and fear; assurance and uncertainty; hope and despair.

I tell these stories to show that doubt is a common experience for those who have experienced spiritual encounters. Another voice may whisper to you that what you experienced wasn’t real—that it was just in your imagination, that your mind was playing tricks on you.

God’s whispers are as much His mode of communication as His still small voice. They help us to train our ears to hear His direction and learn to live in accordance with His will. The silence is part of the message.

As Christians, we’re taught to be in constant communication with God. We expect Him to talk back to us. It’s hard to fall into a pattern of just listening to God and waiting on His responses as we go about our day. But He does speak in His ways, and often what He says is different than what we’re expecting.

It may not be a completely comfortable thing for me to admit but I had a hard time hearing God’s voice for the longest. I struggled for years and I’m sure some of you are going through the same thing.

But here’s a secret you can make use of: Don’t get impatient or give up. Know that He is drawing you nearer, tuning your ears to His voice, teaching you the fine art of waiting for Him – and soon your silence will end with words that touch your life forever.

Lord, when I can’t sense Your presence or hear Your voice, please keep drawing me toward You. Give me the patience and persistence to keep seeking Your face. I want to abide in You today, in this moment. May I be still and find satisfaction all in You.

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