My name is Matthew Adams and I am one of the co-founders of "My Reasons To Believe" (MyR2B). And I would like to share my testimony as to why I believe and why MyR2B.

First I would like to start off by saying I was not raised a Christian. I was told when I could first understand words...was that I was a Catholic. All I knew was that during Easter, Christmas, and several other days of the year I had to put on these special clothes I could not play in, go to a place that smelled funny, (I think it was because it was filled with a BUNCH of old people that liked to talk to me like I was not there.

Okay...let's skip a few years...🚴🏼‍♂️🚴🏼‍♂️🚴🏼‍♂️


It was 1994 and we went to a home bible study at a friend's home. Our oldest (Steven) was almost two, and Michael was still an infant.

Michelle was taking the kids in and I was putting the stroller away. Steven ran past me to say, "Hi", to everyone. When I opened the closet door a voice came out of nowhere, "Matthew...Go Out The Back Door!" It startled me. I looked around and assumed it was one of my friends "pranking" I continued.

Again, (but louder) "Matthew...Go Out The Back Door...NOW!"

I snapped to attention and said, "Okay!" So I looked down the hall where the back door was located...and it was ajar. The VERY SECOND I look around the corner...I saw my son disappear below the surface of a dead ground-level jacuzzi. It was covered in bubble wrap and also covered with leaves. It was invisible to the eye.

If I had not listened to THE VOICE, my son would not be here today. If I had hesitated just one more second...he would have died. This is MY TESTIMONY.

DISCLAIMER: Some have asked...why would God do that to your son? What was He trying to prove? PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS! God did not lead my son to the water. Satan did. Satan tried to take out my son...and God prevented it. 

God...has nothing to prove. is now used for His glory and proof of His love.

Things We Believe and are Passionate About...

Rethinking God: Do you ever doubt your Christian faith? Have you experienced a spiritual success that has since faded into a faith crisis? Is there something holding you back from what you promise to give God? In My Reason To Believe, you'll discover why questions can actually deepen your faith, doubts aren't necessarily the enemy, and a crisis of faith is an opportunity for growth. Learn how to change from the inside out by seeing God clearly-and yourself through His eyes.

What is He Like?: God is bigger than our understanding, stronger than our feelings, wiser than our thoughts, and closer than our heartbeats. He is bigger. He is better. And he wants to be known by you.

A Perfect Father: God will never fail those who trust in Him. He is the author of hope and encouragement. He knows our greatest dreams and deepest longings. He wants to provide for us, protect us, show off His riches to us, and give us the universe for our inheritance. God’s eternal love for us is the reason we can have confidence in Him forever—even when “life happens.”

Embracing the Truth and Rejecting Lies: God is the most beautiful reality in existence. He is infinitely good and all-powerful. Therefore, he loves you more than you can imagine, and the life he offers you is a greater adventure than any fiction writer could dream up. The truth will set you free! Your image of God is a mixture of truth and error. The more you live the truth and reject lies, the more joy, strength, and freedom you will experience.

God’s Passion to Reveal Himself to Us: We live in a world that is broken and hurting. While we don’t always understand God’s will, what He’s doing, or why certain things happen, that doesn’t change who He is. God's glory is His unique, absolutely satisfying, and most attractive attribute. It is all that He is, and all that He does. In other words, God's glory is the very essence of who He is. As more of God's glory flows into us, we are transformed from the inside out.

Trusting God When Life is Hard: A pocketful of faith and a heart full of trust makes all things possible. This is the "Reason" in...My Reason To Believe.


The image of God carried by most people is that He is impersonal, irrelevant, critical, distant, and not very interesting. The greatest need they have is to live their lives with an ever-expanding view of Him. Isaiah 40; 2 Corinthians 3,4; John 8; Job 38-40

Living as if God is a real Person, a present Person, a perfect Father, infinitely good and infinitely great is essential for enjoying Him. Psalm 16, 139; Hebrews 10; Luke 15

Tragically, most people’s image of God is shaped more by the limitations of their earthly father and lies of the enemy, than by the truth of GodGenesis 3; John 8; 2 Corinthians 4; Matthew 7

The biggest battles Christians face against the world, the flesh, and the enemy happens during the active hours of our day. Philippians 2; Ephesians 6; 2 Corinthians 10

Taking small steps towards an ever-expanding view of God will lead to an increasing desire and passion to know and follow God. John 8, 14; Romans 12 & many verses on walking with God

The true measure of our spiritual progress is the frequency and depth of our encounters with God that will naturally result in sharing God's stories. Psalm 145 and many verses to “tell” of His works

We need to recalibrate the way we encounter God when reading the Bible. When we know what God is truly like, we see the rest of the Bible in a very different light. Matthew 23; John 6,9

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