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I listen carefully to what God the LORD is saying, for he speaks peace to his faithful people. PSALM 85:8

When we ask God questions in faith that He will answer, it’s like plowing a field in our hearts and inviting Him to sow seeds in it. He loves that kind of expectancy  —and that kind of conversation. His answers may not come immediately, or in the ways we thought they would, but they almost always come eventually. He responds to those who long for His words.

One way to hear God is to ask a question and then watch for a living parable to play out in front of our eyes. Several people in Scripture “looked to see” what God would say, knowing that His preferred language seems to be pictures. He spoke to most of the prophets in visual pictures  —Jeremiah learned deep spiritual lessons from a potter’s wheel and a basket of figs, for example, and Ezekiel saw a valley of bones and acted out most of his prophecies visually.

When we ask God a question, we shouldn’t be surprised when we’re hit with a metaphor or parable in real life  —some relationship dynamic or turn of events that gives us a glimpse into God’s heart and addresses our concern. If we ask God how He feels about us or someone else, He may point us to a father doting on a child or a husband showering affection on his wife. If we ask Him why He seems to be so slow in keeping a promise, He may show us the fruit of patience in the life of someone who didn’t rush into a major decision.

Regardless of the question, there’s likely something in our world that portrays it. And the Spirit has a remarkable ability to steer our attention to divine illustrations. He knows how to dramatize His truth.

Listen to God by opening your eyes. Expect Him to share His heart. He loves to speak to His people.

Holy Spirit, please direct my attention to parables of truth. Teach me Your ways in everything I see.

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