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VERSE: [Jeremiah said,] “Just as the LORD had said he would, my cousin Hanamel came and visited me in the prison. . . . Then I knew that the message I had heard was from the LORD .”  JEREMIAH 32:8

Welcome to today's episode of "THE POWER OF GODS WHISPER", a podcast dedicated to understanding the many ways in which God speaks to us and guides us in our daily lives. Today, we will be discussing the importance of recognizing the impressions of the Holy Spirit and how it can be a powerful way that God speaks to us.

Hey there fellow Warriors, welcome to our discussion on the prophet Jeremiah and his unique journey of receiving communication from God. Now, as we know, Jeremiah was a true prophet of God, but even he had moments of uncertainty when it came to hearing God's voice.

In Jeremiah 32, we see an example of this when God tells Jeremiah that a relative will come and offer to sell him a piece of the family property, and when it happens, just as God had said, Jeremiah admits, “Then I knew that the message I had heard was from the Lord.” This passage shows us that even a prophet like Jeremiah wasn't always certain that the message he received was from God, and needed confirmation.

As believers, it's important for us to remember that this is a normal part of the process. Hearing God's voice is not always clear-cut and there will be times when we are uncertain if what we hear is truly from God. But it's important to trust that God is patient with this process and will guide us and help us discern His voice.

So, let's open ourselves to the process of hearing God's voice. Let's not be afraid to ask for confirmation when we're uncertain, and let's trust that God will guide us and train our ears to recognize His voice.

Let's pray:

Father, teach me how to discern whether the things I hear are from You or not. Give me confirmation when I’m not sure. Train my ears to recognize Your voice.

In conclusion, we hope that this message has encouraged you to be open to the unique ways in which God speaks to you and to share those insights with others in humility and love. Remember, God speaks to us in many ways and it's important that we pay attention to the impressions of the Holy Spirit and act on them. Join us next time as we continue to explore the many ways in which God guides us on our journey of faith. Thank you for tuning in to today's episode of "THE POWER OF GODS WHISPER"

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