TITLE: 23-012 HE SPOKE IT...

VERSE: God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. GENESIS 1:3

From the earliest pages of Scripture, God’s voice plays a prominent role. This is how He created the world. He spoke. He didn’t just think the world into being. Neither did He silently put it together in some divine workshop. He spoke, and it was.

This is not only an act of power and authority; it’s also an act of intimacy. It shows us that God speaks to us as well—not just in the grandeur of creation but in our own lives as well. We can hear His voice calling us by name when we are lost or confused or unsure if we are doing what we ought to be doing with our lives. When we listen for His voice, we hear Him speaking directly to us about what He wants from us and how He wants us to live our lives today—and every day after that.

All throughout Scripture, we see the power of the spoken word. It can be created, it can be altered or broken, and it has an effect on those who hear it.

In John 10:35, Jesus says that His words are not only written down in Scripture but also "are spirit and are life." In other words, they have a supernatural effect on those who hear them.

He spoke prophecies to His messengers, who then declared them to others.

The Bible says in Isaiah 55:11 that God’s word will accomplish its purpose—it will not return to Him empty and unfulfilled but will cultivate the fruit He desires just as rain waters the land. Unlike us, He does not scatter His words randomly or carelessly; they are intentional agents of His will.

If you’re like most people, when you hear the word “authority,” you think of an army general or a police officer with a heavy-handed approach to getting things done. But that’s not what I mean by authority.

When I say authority, I don’t mean power—I mean responsibility. Authority is a sacred trust that we have been given to care for and steward all that God has put into our hands. It means that when we hear from God, we cannot treat His voice as an item on the buffet line — available if we’re interested but easily passed over if we’re not. When He reveals something to us, no matter how difficult or unrealistic it may seem, we’re obligated to believe it and receive it. We don’t have the option of saying, “Maybe it’s true, maybe it isn’t.” We don’t have a right to say, “Maybe I’ll accept it, maybe I won’t.” It is binding.

The voice that spoke worlds into being is the same one that speaks to me.

It says, “You are loved.” It says, “You are enough.” It says, “You have worth.”

I don’t have to create my own worth—it’s already there, because of who I am in Christ.

Point. Blank. Period.


Lord, please speak specifically, powerfully, and purposefully into my life —with words that cannot and will not return to You empty.

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