VERSE: When the Spirit of truth comes, he will . . . tell you about the future. JOHN 16:13

One of the things that makes life so hard is that we're always trying to figure out "what's next".

We want to know where we're going, what we're doing, and who we'll be with. We want to know how long it will take and whether or not we'll be able to handle it. We want to know if there are any surprises along the way and if there are, whether they'll be good ones or bad ones.

God knows everything about us and our future, but He doesn't reveal all of it at once because He wants us to feel free and unencumbered by the knowledge of every single detail of our lives before they even happen. He wants us to be able to choose what we do with each day as it comes; otherwise, it would all feel too much like fate rather than freedom.

But here's a secret: God does give us glimpses into His plan for our lives...sometimes—and sometimes even more than just a glimpse—when He sends His Spirit (which is also called the Holy Ghost). When that happens, you will know about it...maybe.

I'm a big believer in the power of prophecy.

It's one of my favorite things about the Bible.

I know, I know: it seems like everyone's always talking about prophecy these days—but that's because it's so important!

Let me tell you why: first, it gives us a sense of purpose. We know that God hasn't left us out here on our own without any direction or guidance; He's given us glimpses into what His plan is for us and for the world! It makes me feel like there really is a master plan at work, and that we're all just little pieces of something bigger than ourselves.

And second, prophecy helps us prepare our hearts for what's coming next. If I know that something bad is happening soon, then I can start thinking about how to deal with it now—not when it happens! Or if God tells me He has something special planned for my life in five years' time, then I can start praying about how to get ready for that now instead of waiting until then. It helps me focus on what matters most in my life right now—and keeps me from getting distracted by things that aren't as important as Him anyway.

We’re all struggling, but we can overcome our doubts and fears by leaning on God’s Word and His Spirit.

We need to have a vision for our lives. We need to have a plan for our future—and an expectation of God’s goodness in it.

I believe that we are called to greatness in Christ, but we must be willing to work hard and go through pain in order to get there.


Holy Spirit, tell me things about the future. Lead me in the ways I need to go. Give me pictures of my purpose and Your plans. Open up Your secrets for me to treasure.

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