VERSE: In the beginning, the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God. JOHN 1:1

If you think about it, every time God speaks in the Bible, things happen. He says, “Let there be light,” and light comes into being. He calls out a people from among the nations and reveals His purposes through them. He chooses prophets to deliver His messages when those people are in danger and need to return to Him. And when He sends His own Son to live among us, the Son is called “the Word.” Clearly, we do not serve a silent God.

But then: if God talks so much, why doesn't He talk more often? Why does He leave us in the dark for so many years at a time? Why does He let bad things happen to good people? Where is this loving Father we're supposed to trust?

The answer is simple: because we wouldn't listen! God has been talking all along—but we just weren't listening. We had too many distractions and too many demands on our attention that kept us from hearing what was being said—and even when we did hear it (like with John), it just didn't seem real enough for us to be able to do anything about it...so we just ignored it!

Sometimes, the best way to hear God is to just stop talking...and just listen.

We all know that God speaks through His Word—the Bible. But what about personal conversations? What about when He tells you something special, just for you?

It’s easy to doubt that God speaks today, much less to you personally. But I believe He does speak, and He speaks often—to me, at least! And when He does, things happen in my life.

I’ll never forget the time I was struggling with an issue in my life and felt like there was no way out. I was in a place where I didn’t know what to do next or how to make it work. Then one night as I was lying in bed trying to sleep, God spoke to me. He said: “You need to get up and write down everything you feel right now.” And so I did! I got up and wrote down everything that was going through my mind—and then went back to sleep!

The next morning when I read over what I wrote...and there was my answer.

No matter what you're doing, God's speaking. He's always speaking. Of course, we don't always listen—we have too much going on. But the problem isn't that God isn't talking; it's that we just don't know how to hear Him.

The first step is understanding that hearing God is acknowledging that He still speaks. We have to be convinced of that in order to press through the frustrations on the way to hearing Him. Low expectations will undermine our efforts. If we know He’s the Word who always has something to say, we won’t give up easily in our attempts to hear Him. Most of all, we’ll believe   —a prerequisite to receiving anything from God. Faith opens our ears.

You can hear Him.

He's speaking to you right now.

In the stillness of your mind and the quiet of your heart, He is calling out to you. He wants you to know that He's there, that He loves you, and that He has a plan for your life.

You were created for a relationship with God, so when you hear Him speak, don't be afraid—just listen! It's normal. You were made for this kind of communication with God.


Living Word, I invite You to speak to me. I know You have been; please open my ears to hear. I want to learn the sound of Your voice and know Your thoughts. In faith, I’m listening.


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