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VERSE: Mary kept all these things in her heart and thought about them often. LUKE 2:19

The angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and said, "You will conceive a child and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus."

Mary was shocked by this news. She knew that she was engaged to Joseph and they had not yet consummated their marriage. They were waiting until after they were married to experience sexual relations. And she certainly did not consider herself worthy of having a child with God’s glory on her face!

But even though the angel’s words were strange and unexpected, Mary believed them anyway. She took them at face value, not really knowing what they meant but believing that God would do what He said He would do anyway.

Elizabeth blessed Mary because Mary believed God would do what He said. Many people wouldn’t have believed, finding the angel’s words too bizarre to be literally true. But Mary accepted them, and Elizabeth expressed a profound biblical principle when she saw her: Just as Abraham was declared righteous because He believed God’s impossible words (Genesis 15:6), Mary was declared blessed because she believed Him too (Luke 1:23). Those who trust God’s extraordinary words will find Him extraordinarily faithful.

When God does something in our lives that is unique to human history, it’s wonderful to be able to relate it to some story or character in His Word. That makes it easier to see how we are fitting into His overall work and His ways.

But when He does something unusual in our lives, we walk through our circumstances with both caution and awe. We ask lots of questions. We wonder how things will turn out. We treasure the possibility that we have been chosen to do something specific for God’s purposes.

The birth of Jesus is unique to human history. No one has ever been born in such a miraculous way as this child.

Shepherds in the nearby fields saw angels and came to visit the new King. What would the life of this child look like? How would Mary and Joseph handle the responsibility of parenting Him? If this life was beginning with such fanfare, what miracles would come in the next few years? Mary kept these things in her heart. She treasured them and pondered them constantly. She held the work and words of God with a sacred wonder. She modeled how we are to respond when the divine agenda intersects our lives in a miraculous way.


Lord, sometimes I’m amazed at what You’re doing in my life. I don’t take Your words for granted. I won’t assume the ordinary in my relationship with You. I choose to walk with wonder in every step You lead me to take.

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