VERSE: The world would love you as one of its own if you belonged to it, but you are no longer part of the world. JOHN 15:19

“The world does not naturally accept Me. Only by My Spirit can I be welcomed into the world and into your life. Why? Because My ways and the world’s ways are at odds with one another. Remember the counterfeit kingdom that wages war against My true Kingdom. This false system is based on independence and pride, not on dependence and worship. All of its ways are strategically calculated to shut Me out. Friendship with the world and its self-sufficient ways is tantamount to hostility toward Me and My life-giving Kingdom.

“This is why you can never expect to reconcile My voice with the other voices around you, especially those voices that reflect the thinking of the world rather than the heart of My Kingdom. There will be tension between what you hear from Me and what you hear elsewhere. Even the wise and godly around you are still emerging from the web of deception in the world, and their counsel may sometimes contradict My voice. Hear them, weigh what they say, but defer always to My voice. When I speak directly to your heart, My words may not fit the understanding or the assumptions of the people you know.

“For this reason, be careful with the pearls of revelation I have given you. Don’t share them indiscriminately. When you tell someone what I have told you personally, you may be submitting it to false judgment. Don’t keep everything private —you do need counsel —but learn to discern the wisdom of the world. Let your faith be stirred by My voice and not by the opinions of human beings. Be firm against every thought derived from the world’s wisdom and submissive to every thought that comes from the wisdom of My Spirit. I will lead you in much higher ways.”

Holy Spirit, I need discernment. It’s scary how much we are steeped in the wisdom of the world. Help me sort out all the voices I hear. Tune my ears to Your counsel and the counsel of those who know Your voice.

You are blessed because you believed that the Lord would do what he said. LUKE 1:45

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