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VERSE: Mary responded, “I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you have said about me come true.” And then the angel left her. LUKE 1:38

It was the mother's imagination that saw Jesus enter her son's hospital room, lay His hands on her son's head, and mouth the words "Be healed." But it wasn't just her imagination: It was also an actuality—a reality that she'd wished for and had seen in her mind's eye.

The boy began to improve after that day. He got better reports from the doctors, his hair grew back after chemo, and he was soon discharged to go home and live a normal life.

Was it wishful thinking? Maybe. But maybe not. Maybe the mother's imagination was showing her something she couldn't see before—and making it real in the process.

Daniel's visions were in his mind. And if Daniel lived today, most of us would tell him not to trust what goes through his mind.

But what if God really did want to give him a vision? What if He had something more important to say than "Daniel, stop thinking"? And what if God knew we'd try to talk Daniel out of his visions?

We know our condition; our thinking gets distorted and we see through lenses colored with all sorts of biases and agendas. “No, Daniel,” we might tell him. “You can’t trust your imagination.”

Imagination is a powerful tool. If you’re ever in doubt about the power of your own mind, just think about how many times you’ve imagined yourself doing something amazing—like playing the piano or singing in front of thousands of people.

You’re probably wondering: “How could I have imagined that? I don’t even know how to play piano!” But that doesn’t matter. Your imagination is a force unto itself. It can conjure up possibilities and make them real. And if you let it run wild with God, it will do just that: it will make your redemption real.


Lord, I present my imagination to You for holy purposes. Fill it with pictures of Your purposes. Let me see the calling You have placed before me. Show me what You’re doing. And inspire me with my prayers or actions to step into the stories You present to me.

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