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Saul died for his unfaithfulness which he had committed against the LORD, because he did not keep the word of the LORD, and also because he consulted a medium for guidance. But he did not inquire of the LORD. 1 CHRONICLES 10:13-14, NKJV

We are all seeking God’s voice. It is the desire of every believer to hear from God, and He wants to speak to us. The Holy Spirit wants to guide us, comfort us, and bring peace into our lives. But sometimes we can’t tell what is really coming from God and what isn’t. There are many counterfeits out there, and they can be dangerous. We have to be very prayerful and very careful.

God wants us to seek His voice, promises to speak to us, and often uses a variety of ways to express and confirm His message. But that doesn’t mean we can hear Him through any means we choose. There are plenty of counterfeits out there, and they can be dangerous. God is not the only spiritual entity who speaks; the kingdom of darkness has voices too.

God's Word is clear about thisβ€”we are not to consult with mediums or seek out those who consult the spirits of the dead.

It's called "spiritual prostitution," and it's something God forbids us from engaging in. He calls on us to listen only to Himβ€”His Word, His Spirit, and His people. We must measure everything we hear against His written Word and take it straight to Him in prayer with a sincere desire for discernment.

Anything else is like drinking mystery substances indiscriminately without knowing what they are and hoping they don't poison you.

It's a spiritual truth that we all hear messages from the world around us. And it's a spiritual truth that some of those messages are lies.

The kingdom of darkness is alive and well in our world. The enemy is trying to confuse you, and he's using every trick in his book to get what he wants: your life, your soul, and your eternal destiny.

You don't have to listen to him! Just ask God about it! If you're unsure about something, take it to Himβ€”and take it with people who will help you discern what's true and what isn't.

It's not just about hearing from God; it's about hearing from Him through His Word, through trusted friends and advisers who can help you make sense of everything else.


Lord, I don’t want to be so afraid of counterfeits that I also shut my ears to You. But I do want to be discerning. Help me to spot counterfeits quickly and accurately. And silence any voices of darkness in my life.

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